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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello to all!

Hope SOMEBODY'S reading this.

From the pertness of my writing you should gather that I am still able to think, access a computer, and type. So I made the journey safely.

Charlotte to Frankfurt was on SMALLEST international airplane I've ever ridden on. Now I'm convinced that you should ALWAYS fly a non-domestic airline.

The flight was eight to four, so what did we do? SLEEP. And for those who don't know, that's really really hard on an airplane. They provide a pillow and a blanket, but it does little to ease the ride. But then, if you can't sleep, all international flights have a good selection of movies and games. So I was well occupied.

So, after a VERY uncomfortable flight of eight hours we landed in Frankfurt, Germany (is that where frankfurters come from?)

That was a nice airport. Instead of garbage cans, they had cans divided into papers, packaging, glass, and unavoidable waste. Bet THAT cuts down on massive airport trash output. AND it was kid-friendly. There were huge lines in customs, but they took one look at three kids and led us to a special line for families. There was only one other family in that line. So we didn't miss our connecitng flight.

The Slovenian Airway company is called Adria, which (to me) is alot cooler than US Air. Talk about comfortable seats! Sadly, that flight was only an hour long. If you get a chance like that, sleep. I did, so now I can stay awake long enought to write and post.

Good luck to all back in the US!

Good-bye from the Slovenian Dude, the G- (or S- and G-) man, Garrett.


  1. Hi garret you are so lucky, so what country exactly are you in currently, I will be waiting for more posts, can't wait!

  2. YES several someones are reading your blog.
    A'ville is predicted to get 8-10 inches of snow this weekend, so we'll all be in the same boat soon.
    saw Avatar 3D today. quite something.
    later G Man
    regards to all

  3. hey....WOW that is sooooooo cool!!! you`re making me jelous!!! hahaha. sounds like you are having an incredibly fun time...except for the airplane ride, that is. >:P have you learned to speak the language? or do you just go around talking english? anyway, have fun. i now i will be, covered up in 2 feet of snow. not! lol. nezzie

  4. Wow, garrett, i love traveling, and now your everywhere. lucky! :) maybe your family could adopt me, although they might not be able to handle another teenager. so, on question, the same as rio's. you went to germany (your home country supposedly)? pardon my horrible georgraphy, but where on earth is charlotte? whatever... wish i were there.