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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The snow has reached Ljubljana! Is it there yet? Comment if it isn't (if you don't I'll assume the internet is out.)
Jia and I worked and built an igloo. Pretty rough, but cozy. Here are some pics!

Once again, tell me what's happened!



  1. Egomaniac, you say? Well rightfully so! I guess I should call you E-man? I LOVE this blog, dude. Keep it up puleeeeeeeze. In response to your snow poll, it is dry and warm here in Juneau, Alaska, with only a few patches of the white stuff here and there and I ain't talking about my hair.

  2. 8 inches and snowing in Lake Lure.
    more "wintry mix" predicted for overnight.
    we might not get out until the groundhog.

    please send you mailing address ... I want to fly over on Google Earth.

    great reading G-Man!

  3. great job Hollin and Zue! Good amount of snow here, but I still have power! Miss you guys!

  4. hey, it's snowing like crazy here in Asheville. we still two feet of snow from last week (uhg) and we're supposed to get three more inches later.