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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello there!

Missing a day of blogging is like missing a step. If you're not careful, you'll miss another, then another, then another, then - CRASH!

I'm back with a vengeance, though.

We have two new feature on Ziveti Slovenija - the first being WHAT was THAT?, the game show where contestants try to decide what that thing we passed on the way to the posts was! Vote now to win an awsome prize!
The second is a periodical called Embarrassed in Slovenia, where your host feels the effects of being a foreigner in a country!
What happened this time?
Who uses basil while cooking? Well, Slovenians don't. I didn't find the basil, so I cornered an employee and asked, "Ali goverite Angleski?" Do you speak english?
Nope, she didn't. Then I asked a woman at the bakery.
"I want some basil."
"Yes, basil. You know?"
"Aaaah, Pesto"
"Yes," I said, thinking that was Slovene for Basil.
"How much you want?"
I looked down and the woman was scooping pesto from the deli bar.
"No no," I said hurriedly.
She looked confused, and went to get the head of the bakery.
He spoke better english, but I still couldn't get him to understand Basil or what is the word for Basil in slovene. My face was so red it must have looked like I had face paint on.
I later learned that slovene for basil is Basilika. Thought i might have found that, but in was in a section for American spices
Well, other than the Basil Battle, nothing much interesting happened today, so you will now be invited to Slovenetour, the only tour guide that never leaves the house!
First, here's the building itself!

Functional, and somewhat comfortable.

Then to get to the floor. Here they don't go B, 1,2,3,4,5...etc. The floors go -1,0,1,2,3,4. Kind of funny.

To get to our floor (two or three, depending on your outlook) you can take steps or an elevator. But here we meet a conundrum.

Here is our floor.

But then, one floor down, it switches!


On the ground floor, the plot thickens!

But finally, the solution reveals itself in the elevator.

Take a close look at the buttons in Fig. one...

Now look again in Fig. two!

The answer happens to be that the elevator on the left services odd-numbered floors, while the elevator on the right services evern-numbered floors!

Then, the doorbell (which I thought was the fire alarm)

Then, in the apartment, at the computer, the keyboard is different. Z and Y are switched, and accented letters are on the right side.

Typing looked like this.

"Sadlz, the bookz were dripping wetlz"

So, those are our living quarters, and a glimpse at slovene culture.

Garrett, otherwise known as Basil.


  1. thanks for the tour ... still need the street address so I can get to the front door via Google Earth.
    and if the basil incident is the most embarrassing thing that happens to you during your stay, you are a lucky G-man!

  2. Well,
    your use of "z"s instead of "y"s just help to make you sound all the more German

  3. Hey GaGoo! Excellent Blog.

    Sehr interresant! Spreken sie nicht Deutch? Bist du Americanisher?

    Good work, I have had some trouble with foreign keyboards (Turkish, Italian) but you seem to be doing great.

    So what about Hollin, is G-man just a nom de plume?

  4. I know those Soviet-era housing projects served an important need in sheltering all those newly-urbanized workers, but, still, the resemblence to Bed-Sty in the Bronx is remarkable. When you were playing in the snow the other day, did you get the feeling 10,000 eyes were on you? Have you encountered any children yet or do they all live on the outskirts of the city?