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Monday, February 8, 2010

The votes have been counted

The votes from the poll is in, and they are counted! Though mirror got the most votes, more people voted for other things! They are;

Window: no one

Cabinet: one vote

Mirror: five votes

Picture: one vote

Slovenian art: four votes.

Total votes: eleven.

Winner: Mirror

That's how it should be! Sorry other voters, the answer is MIRROR! Look tomorrow for the next WHAT was THAT?

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  1. G-Man
    you ask for news from home. just in ... A'ville man, retired fire fighter, age 65ish, now runs a janitorial services co won the lottery; $141 million; he's taking a lump sum payment of $47 million.
    and the "Ain'ts" became the New Orleans "Saints" last night when they won the SUPERBOWL. Mardi Gras started early; "fat tues" is Feb 16.