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Monday, February 8, 2010

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Today we visited the Castle Ljubljana. A very impressive structure - located on top of what is aptly called castle hill, it is the highest elevation in Ljubljana. You can either walk up an almost impossible path (iced over) or take the funicular railcar up the side. I walked up (or climbed) and took the railcar down.

The castle itself is a mixture of architecure, from middle ages stone-and-mortar,

Then some more recent buildings.

That's the clock tower, where the flag of Slovenia flies. An impressive view from up there. Sadly, dad's fear of heights made sure he didn't visit.

See also Pics six and five and four - this computer makes it a devil's game to get pictures to the right places. The stairwell down was a long way down.

A 3-D reconstruction of Ljubljana in a multimedia show was next. Pic three. Then a visit to the chapel of Saint George. With me as best man, Jia as flower girl, and Avery as the pastor mom and dad renewned their marriage vows (sort of - there was alot more giggling and wisecracking than in the original version of events I'm sure.) Pic two.
Then we ate in the little cafe. Dad ordered a latte and found that the spoon had a little curlycue so that it would hook on the edge of a mug. Pic. one
Then the railride down. A much better ride than the museum of national history yesterday.


  1. great tour! no matter the photos did not accompany the text, each in the proper place ... that what the scroll is for.

    sounds like ya'll have been seeing the sights and having a grand time. keep it coming!

  2. Nice work, Garrett. I'm printing out photo #3 to put on my desk. Why do I love it so much? Probably because, as Slovenians, you are looking very much like Alaskans.

  3. Great pictures first I thought picture three was you all in a shooting range! haha. Glad to hear your parents retied the knot. Keep posting pictures!